The title is key aspect, Match the search engine rules. limit to 80 characters.

  • Keep the title concise but with all the key, relevant information a customer might need. 
  • Do not include (duplicate words or Synonyms) and brand
  • Do not include unmeasured words, Ex, very, best, newest, free, Cheap etc.
  • Make sure the grammar and spelling accurate

Instruction Video:

Time Consumption: 5- 50 Seconds per listing


  • No Duplicate Images
  • White Background  (Except the quality real photo).
  • Copy the Size Chart Image to Position 4
  • Do not include watermarks, logo’s, sale/price, shipment  tags as these are not permitted.
  • Replace the variant image with quality.

Instruction Video:

Time Consumption:  average 2 minutes per listing

Summary of the product and features ,No Brand information,NO Images exclude size chart.
Do not include contact details (telephone or email), or any price-specific; promotional or shipping information

Pure the HTML Code. not include the Size Chart table https://youtu.be/rvUXWpauzKQ

{Summary of features.}
{Size Chart  (Tablet or Images No Logo or tags )}

Size Chart formula:

[Custom Size Chart]
<div style=”text-align: center;”><strong>Unit Convert: &nbsp;(1 inch = 2.54 cm) (1 cm = 0.394 in.)</strong></div>

<br /><img src=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/image-album/73497/20201028/ef684d4307818d3f1521a5ceb5358a30.jpg” style=”width:800px;” /><br /><br />

[/Custom Size Chart]

Instruction Video:

Time Consumption: 1 minutes per listing

Generate the new SKUs. 
Update the SKUs that without the Variant information, like Color, Size.
Prefix the first old SKU

Instruction Video: