To ensure tasks been completed on time and with good quality. From 06/01/2023 all freelancers will implement a penalty system, USD 100 Deposit.

The task time frame and description will be assigned on teamwork by the task manager. Freelancers should carefully review the tasks within the agreed-upon timeframe and complete them to the best of their ability by the deadline.

**Penalty for Late or Poor-Quality Work:** If the freelancer fails to complete the tasks by the deadline or if the work is of poor quality, the client may deduct USD5 from the agreed-upon deposit for each task that is delayed or of poor quality separately.

1. Do I need pay the deposit prepaid.
No, collect from the task payment.

2. Do still turn on the time tracking on Upwork.
No,you will not be using the time tracking feature on Upwork. Instead, you will pay based on the completion of the task within the given time frame and as described in the task description.

3. The Deposit could been refund.
Yes, the deposit can be refunded at the end of the cooperation contract on Upwork.